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About Sakir Balci


A brief information about Lawyer, Mr.Şakir Balcı

Mr.Balcı was born in 1961 and studied law at Ankara University and graduated in 1982.Since starting advocacy in 1985, Şakir Balcı is still working at his own Balcı Bureau of Law with Attorney,Mrs.Sinem Korkut.Besides continuing advocacy

            Mr.Balcı has studies and socially-oriented articles published in national newspapers, moreover, around 30 articles of Mr.Balcı in the field of law has been published There are 11 books published belonging to Mr.Şakir Balcı in the field of law.In addition to that, he made contributions with respect to the enactments in law by the help of his propositions and around 10 reports he has presented.

             The book of Mr.Balcı which was named as ‘The Deferral of Bankruptcy’ (İflasın Ertelenmesi) is the first book published about deferral of bankruptcy and has the feature of being a pioneer to the subject.

             The Deferral of Bankruptcy has become a best-seller around the books which were published by Güncel Hukuk Yayınevi (Guncel law publishing firm).At present the third edition of the book is also exists in the stores.

             There are several titles and models which Mr.Balcı has been working on;

 about eliminations of the companies due to bankruptcy (deferral of bankruptcy, concordatum, restructuring by the help of reconciliation ) and several books are published related to the remaining subjects also including the deferral of bankruptcy.His recent works in Turkish Law are mainly focused on restructuring models to prevent bankruptcy and Mr.Balcı has still continuing his research and studies referring to these titles, while writing dictums and reports nearby.

             Therewithal, Mr.Balcı attends panel discussions and makes presentations and conferences about his studies.


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